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Press Release

William was born in Jersey in the Channel Islands and began making metalwork in 2015.

Romeril studied Goldsmithing, Silversmithing and Jewellery at UCA Rochester graduating in 2019.

He was awarded Runner up New Designer of the year 2019, for his piece 'An Overelaborate Solution to a Blunt Pencil' created with a Precious Metal Grant from the Goldsmiths Centre.


Creating humorous and irreverent works in both Bronze and Silver, Romeril aims to put smirks on faces with his own unique approach to both disciplines. Through absurd functionality and comically posed bronze Romeril raises questions on purpose and function. 

Reflecting his own existentialist philosophies, Romerils bronzes bear the burden of their task, be it acting as bookends or holding cups.  With expressive faces and textured bodies, the pieces reflect a very human struggle with purpose and existence.

Williams Silverware similarly ponders this question of use. His silverware often has a strange or useless function. Using Silver as a medium Romeril dances the line between useful and useless, with timepieces that offer a record of time, depending on the situation. For example an oil clock that varies how long it takes to work that varies by air pressure, or a candle timer that is affected by the temperature and airflow  in a room. Feigning use Romeril opens a dialogue on the use of Silver and the preciousness attached to it.


Romeril also makes commissioned works including  a Sundial for Government House in Jersey to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, among other commissions for private clients.

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